Our meeting in pictures...

Here you can dowload all information about the ARCE project meeting in Valencia.

Video below made by IES Laguna de Joatzel, Madrid:

Valencia Trip

Valencia trip was great, I can say that this was the best trip of my life. Valencia is a wonderful city, the best that I have ever seen. We met there with more people of other highschools. We met with highschools from Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Lleida. I made many friends from all highschools.

The first day we visited Valencia Railway´s station. It was beautiful. On this day we walked on the streets of Valencia. It was great.

On the second day, we went to the best place of Valencia, the Oceanographic. There, I saw many many new things. On the afternoon we saw a documentary about dinosaurs. On the 3rd day it was very "real". We visited the Museum of Curiosity. At nighy we saw a film on the cinema " Intocable". On the last day we had to present our presentation, and we played a game called Jeopardy, presented by me and my group. When we finished it, we had to say good bye to our friends. It was a very short trip but it was great and I will not forget it. And this was the Valencia trip.

Alex Olaru 4rd ESO A
IES SIERRA NEVADA. Fiñana (Almería)

I am a student from the IES Siera Nevada in Fiñana. In May, we did an excursion to Valencia for three days. The second day we went to the "Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias", where we were divided in different groups. First, we went to the dolphins spectacle, it was amazing! Therefore we wnt to the aquarium where we saw sharks, fishes,.... while a man told us some interesting things about them. Secondly, we went to the museum, it was a huge place and we enjoyed it a lot, it was fun. There were a lot of interesting things to play and learn. Finally, we went to a 3D cinema and we watched a documentary about aquatic dinosaurs. That was a good day!

Antonio Milán 4rd ESO A
IES SIERRA NEVADA. Fiñana (Almería)